7 Documents were initially attached to this filing but Doc #3 should have been labeled as Exhibit C as mentioned for the complaint on pages (11, 22, 23) of Doc #2.         In order to avoid the potential for confusion, an updated filing was made such that Doc #3 was resubmitted and labeled as Exhibit C in Doc #8. Active PDF links in the filings remain live and active links like for the judges, court clerks, and public to all see.
        The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals will now either enforce U.S. wire communications privacy (18 U.S.C. 2511) and AR State computer fraud laws (A.C.A. 5-41-103) or judicially pardon GOOG, and MSFT for criminally violating U.S. privacy laws and Arkansas computer fraud laws written in 1986 to protect AR citizens from computer frauds when the "inter-net" was still  just an experiment with computers replacing telegraph and fascimile machines attached to WIRES the FCC once regulated before a group of nine confused senior citizens created an imaginary new medium that will never exist.
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1 Open document  Motion to Appeal as Pauper Renewed 1
2 Open document  Brief Supt. Renewal of Motion to Appeal as Pauper 23
3 Open document  Complaint Appealed 12
4 Open document  Exhibit X 11
5 Open document  Exhibit Y 10
6 Open document  Exhibit Z 5
7 Open document  fi[s]cal and affidavit 5
8Open documentExhibit C13